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“Safe, non-toxic and truly works to bring out the natural beauty from within.”

At Sacred Owl Wellness Integrative Health Spa, we use our signature SacredDerm skincare product line. SacredDerm was professionally and locally developed from non-toxic, organic ingredients and natural plant essences. Our day spa also offers other holistic facials using dōTERRA essential natural skincare product lines in Fort Collins.

SacredDerm products combine the freshest ingredients, plant essences and essential oils to deliver clean products. They are nutrient concentrated, with cutting-edge synergistic activity that achieves amazing results. Our professional grade, organic product line is free of parabens, dyes, and chemicals for the protection of your skin and overall health.

Samantha Rines O’Dell is a Licensed Esthetician, Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Aromatherapist in Fort Collins. Out of a need for organic yet effective natural skincare products, she helped develop SacredDerm. “Over the years, I have seen many different skin conditions and products, although none that satisfied my need as a practitioner for my clients. I really wanted something that was of an organic nature yet high-end, professional grade quality. I am proud to have taken part in developing the SacredDerm skin care line that is safe, non-toxic and truly works to bring out the natural beauty from within.”

The SacredDerm essential oils product line is all natural, plant based with no preservatives and no toxic ingredients. Be sure to try our highly effective Acne Treatment Creams and the most affordable, least toxic Anti-Aging natural skincare products available at our Fort Collins holistic day spa & studio.

Coming Soon: Wildcrafted Herbal Products
Wildcrafted skin, body and wellness products developed together by our Clinical Herbalist, Laura Sheils and Licensed Esthetician Samantha Rines O’Dell. Handcrafted, organic and personalized herbal products made with local, wild ingredients in Fort Collins from the foothills to the fields.