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Relaxation Massage

Unwind at our Fort Collins health spa with a traditional Swedish relaxation massage. This gentle, full body relaxation massage employs just the right amount of pressure, kneading and friction among other techniques to promote circulation and alleviate tension and discomfort. The gentle touch and flowing movements used in Swedish massage help sooth away neck and back pain and induce a state of restfulness.

60 minute: $75 / 90 minute: $105
20% Off First Visit

Therapeutic Massage

The Therapeutic Massage at Sacred Owl utilizes firm pressure and deep tissue techniques to manipulate the underlying layers of muscle tissue, release chronic tension and promote healing. The therapeutic deep tissue massage may include Trigger Point therapy, muscle stripping, fascia release, neuromuscular techniques and stretching with a focus on your neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain or any other area of discomfort. If you suffer from chronic pain and tension, visit our Fort Collins Health and Wellness Clinic.

60 minute: $75 / 90 minute: $105
20% Off First Visit

Couples Massage

Grab your significant other or best friend and escape for a tranquil 60 or 90 minute massage. Get into your robe and slippers and be swept away to our Couples Room at Sacred Owl Spa where the two of you will receive a simultaneous massage, leaving you both feeling rested and renewed.
Add on a Foot Soak or Facial for an even more serene experience. Ask us about our 3 to 4 hour Day at the Spa Packages.
** Please call to schedule this appointment so we can be sure it is set up simultaneously for both individuals.***

60 minute: $75 / 90 minute: $105 Per Client
20% Off First Visit

Prenatal Massage

Regular massage while pregnant can help with the aches and pains of your shifting body. At Sacred Owl Wellness Fort Collins Massage Studio, you and your baby’s comfort is our highest priority. Pillows, bolsters and our adjustable massage table are used to make you feel sung and secure during your massage session. Prenatal massage helps alleviate swelling, joint pain, headaches, sciatic nerve pain and stress. Plus, you get some much-needed rest.

60 minute: $75 / 90 minute: $105
20% Off First Visit

Add-On Services:

Warm Bamboo ($15): Bamboo sticks are heated to a comfortable warmth and used to glide, roll and kneed the muscles. The heat from the bamboo softens muscle fibers and allows you to reach deep relaxation.

Warm Jade Stone ($15): Smooth green jade stones are heated to a pleasant warmth and incorporated into your massage. The heat helps relax your mind and muscles, and the wonderful properties of jade help alleviate mental and emotional stress while promoting harmony and love.

Therapeutic Foot Soak ($30): Our Add-on Foot Soaks are 30 minutes to pure bliss. The foot soak includes only the highest quality essential oils, Epson salts and organic or wildcrafted herbs. While you relax, enjoy one of our house made teas and a rejuvenating foot massage to revive the mind and spirit. Your tired feet will thank you after a nice therapeutic soak at the end of a long day.

Foot Reflexology ($20): Can be added on to any massage service, this 15-minute treatment focuses on the reflexology points of the feet.

Lymphatic Release ($20): Lymphatic drainage massage uses very light pressure in the direction of the lymph nodes that encourages the movement of lymph fluids through the body. 15 minutes added

Reiki or Healing Touch Energy Therapy ($45): Reiki, Healing Touch or Chakra Balancing are all types of energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to influence the human energy system and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body. This 30 minute non-invasive technique employs the hands to clear, energize, and balance the client and environmental energy fields, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

** Add on any Facial or other Spa Service at 20% OFF. See also our Day at the Spa Packages.**