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Relaxation Massage
Unwind at our Fort Collins health spa with a traditional Swedish relaxation massage. This gentle, full body relaxation massage employs just the right amount of pressure, kneading and friction among other techniques to promote circulation and alleviate tension and discomfort. The gentle touch and flowing movements used in Swedish massage help sooth away neck and back pain and induce a state of restfulness.

Therapeutic Massage
The Therapeutic Massage at Sacred Owl utilizes firm pressure and deep tissue techniques to manipulate the underlying layers of muscle tissue, release chronic tension and promote healing. The therapeutic deep tissue massage may include Trigger Point therapy, muscle stripping, fascia release, neuromuscular techniques and stretching with a focus on your neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain or any other area of discomfort. If you suffer from chronic pain and tension, visit our Fort Collins Health and Wellness Clinic.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage, also known as “Lazy Man’s Yoga” or “Yoga Massage,” has been practiced for over 2,500 years and is still popular in Thailand and across the globe today. At Sacred Owl Day Spa in Fort Collins, Thai massage is performed on a lowered massage table in our tranquil massage room. Thai massage is a clothed treatment where the massage therapist gently moves you through stretches while using rhythmic pressure along energy lines and acupressure points over clothing. Thai Massage has many benefits including alleviation of pain, deep relaxation, unblock and balance energy, increased flexibility and range of motion, promote postural alignment and an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

Fusion Swedish and Thai Massage
Sacred Owl’s fusion of Swedish and Thai massage is a therapeutic blend of relaxing massage strokes and Thai-style stretches and energy work. This is a great massage if you want to try a new massage style but still want all the relaxation of Swedish massage. Feel refreshed at Sacred Owl Wellness massage studio in Fort Collins.

Warm Bamboo Massage
Warm bamboo massage is similar to hot stone massage; however, instead of stones, pressed bamboo stick are heated to comfortable warmth and blended into your massage. The warmed bamboo is used to glide, roll and kneed muscles. The heat and energy from the bamboo cause muscle fibers to soften and your mind and body to reach deep relaxation. This massage at Sacred Owl Wellness Health Studio in Fort Collins is great for people who have a hard time relaxing on the massage table and for those with hypersensitivity or very sensitive areas of the body that need bodywork but get sore after.

Thai Reflexology
Sacred Owl Wellness Health Spa’s spin on Reflexology massage, our Thai reflexology focuses on the feet but also includes energy points in the hands and head. This approach completes the “energy circuit” of the body and follows in the Thai massage tradition. In Thai massage, energy lines run all through the body and exit out the fingers, toes and openings (such as the ears), and these points should be addressed for the highest benefit. Try a 30-minute or 60-minute Thai Reflexology massage at our Fort Collins wellness studio.

Prenatal Massage
Regular massage while pregnant can help with the aches and pains of your shifting body. At Sacred Owl Wellness Fort Collins Massage Studio, you and your baby’s comfort is our highest priority. Pillows, bolsters and our adjustable massage table are used to make you feel sung and secure during your massage session. Prenatal massage helps alleviate swelling, joint pain, headaches, sciatic nerve pain and stress. Plus, you get some much-needed rest.

Warm Jade Stone
Smooth green jade stones are warmed and blended into your massage. The heat helps relax your mind and muscles, and the wonderful properties of jade help alleviate mental and emotional stress while promoting harmony and love. This warm stone massage add-on at our Fort Collins day spa will take your massage service to the next level.

Massage Cupping
Our Fort Collins wellness center offers massage cupping as an add-on service targeting fascia and connective tissues. The cups suction the skin and superficial tissues up and away from the muscles, bones and other structures in the body where adhesions can form. Cupping is great for spot treatment and can be beneficial for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tight IT Bands, carpal tunnel, lower back pain and more. Ask your Sacred Owl massage therapist if cupping is right for you. Cupping may leave bruises and red marks that can last as long as two weeks. If you bruise easily or are on blood thinning medications, cupping is not recommended.

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