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Holistic Nutrition

Focusing on internal health, our local Fort Collins Registered Dietitian, uses a ‘whole foods approach’ to nourish the body and offers advanced lab testing to get a deeper understanding of her client’s unique biochemistry to combat issues such as weight-managements, fatigue, gut dysfunction, IBS, food intolerances, disease and much more.

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How you look, feel and engage in life every second of every day directly relates to what you eat. However, knowing the right foods to nourish your body can be a trial-and-error proces. If you are looking to fine tune your diet, you may also consider a few of our specialty lab services.

YOUR REGISTERED DIETITIAN: Bri Risk, RD, CSSD received an A.A. from the Culinary Institute of America as well as a triple concentration B.S. in Food Science, Nutritional Sciences, and Dietetics from Colorado State University. As a Registered Dietitian, her life passion is to understand the biochemistry of the human body and how it interrelates with food. With her unique back in culinary, Bri brings a ‘food first’ approach to nutritional guidance. She believes that nourishment based on genetic and environment is the core for optimal health. With a focus on integrative and functional nutrition, she excels at individualizing programs for each person. Eat for your lifestyle with the foods you enjoy, and the results will come!

SPECIALIZING IN: Auto-immune Disorders, Weight Management, Fatigue, Detox and Cleansing Protocols, Creative Meal Options, Food Log Accountability, Specialized Lab testing

TESTS OFFERED:  Food sensitivities, Organic Acids, Heavy Metals Non-Metal, Toxic Chemicals, Mold Mycotoxins, Glyphosate, Hormone Levels and Gut Imbalances

PRICING FOR LAB TESTS: Pricing is dependent on your insurance carrier and will be billed separately from your consultation. Ask your Sacred Owl team member for the insurance coverage form to verify coverage.

* 30 minute Meeting – FREE
* 60-90 minute Consultations – $150
* 30-45 minute Follow Up – $80
* Ask about out discounted packages and monthly memberships