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Chakra Balancing Technique

Chakras are known as the center of energy within the body. When one part of our well-being is off, flow will stop, and Chakra balancing can unblock energy and allow the body to heal itself. In knowing the right tools to open energy flows one can create balanced chakras and assist in how we operate in our everyday lives. This Chakra balancing treatment in Fort Collins includes the optional use of specific essential oils to assist and support spiritual development, awakening of the chakra energies, as well as Healing Touch or Reiki to bring about openness and healing. Schedule Appointment

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. Our Reiki treatment uses the “laying on of hands” to allow the spiritually guided life energy (Ki or Chi) to flow and align a completeness of mind, body, and spirit. Many who receive Reiki, as well as those who perform it, experience deeper levels of relaxation, as well as higher levels of consciousness. Our welcoming Fort Collins Wellness Spa offers Reiki Energy Healing sessions to help you find balance, work through difficult times or journey to the deeper self and beyond. Schedule Appointment

Healing Touch™

Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to influence the human energy system, specifically the energy field that surrounds the body, and the energy centers that control the flow from the energy field to the physical body. This non-invasive technique employs the hands to clear, energize, and balance the client and environmental energy fields, thus affecting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Schedule Appointment

Jin Shin Acupressure

An alternative to Acupuncture, this clothes-on method is a therapeutic acupressure technique that uses the gentle yet deep finger pressure on specific acu-points to help release different tensions and stuck energies in the body. Jin Shin Acupressure is good for a variety of conditions including shoulder and neck pain, back pain, sciatica, migraines, hypertension, stress, anxiety, grief, depression, insomnia, nausea, allergies, fatigue, ulcers, PMS, TMJ, arthritis, asthma, infertility and more. Feel your mind and body align with a Jin Shin Acupressure treatment in our Fort Collins Holistic Health Spa. Schedule Appointment