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Massage Cupping

Our Fort Collins wellness center offers massage cupping as an add-on service targeting fascia and connective tissues. The cups suction the skin and superficial tissues up and away from the muscles, bones and other structures in the body where adhesions can form. Cupping is great for spot treatment and can be beneficial for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tight IT Bands, carpal tunnel, lower back pain and more. Ask your Sacred Owl massage therapist if cupping is right for you. Cupping may leave bruises and red marks that can last as long as two weeks. If you bruise easily or are on blood thinning medications, cupping is not recommended.

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Thai Reflexology

Sacred Owl Wellness Health Spa’s spin on Reflexology massage, our Thai reflexology focuses on the feet but also includes energy points in the hands and head. This approach completes the “energy circuit” of the body and follows in the Thai massage tradition. In Thai massage, energy lines run all through the body and exit out the fingers, toes and openings (such as the ears), and these points should be addressed for the highest benefit. Try a 30-minute or 60-minute Thai Reflexology massage at our Fort Collins wellness studio.

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