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Sacred Owl Wellness and Family Balance Yoga is now under one roof. Your known and loved people together in one place offering a unified approach for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with the Health Spa, Wellness Center and Yoga Studio all in one!

Enjoy all of the same high quality instructors that you know and love, plus many new instructors and classes to choose from, including Yoga, Tai Chi and more!

Education, Wellness and Breathwork Classes

Breath of Love: Release Yourself 
Come experience a profound break through with Breath of Love Facilitator and Energy Healer, Samantha Rines O’Dell. She will guide you through a meditative life-changing, healing ceremony. Embrace the power of breathing and energy work, helping to open the chakras and bring back awareness to your higher purpose.
Upcoming classes:
Sunday Feb 2nd: 2:00 pm
Saturday Feb 15th: 2:00 pm

Aromatherapy / Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils
Certified and NAHA recognized Aromatherapist, Samantha Rines O’Dell will guide you on how to achieve your best self and gain relief from many common ailments. Some of her classes teachings are: How to detox your life and home, How to safely use essential oils, The best in skin health and care, Hormonal support, Ease stress both physically and emotionally, DIY Classes, and Maintain your health today with natural preventative care methods.
Upcoming Classes:
Wednesday Feb 19th: 6:30 pm

Herbal Medicine Classes
Instructor:Laura Shiels (Clinical Herbalist)
In this Fort Collins herbal class, learn about safe use of common herbs, understanding contraindications, wildcrafting ethics, herbs you can wildcraft and grow yourself in Colorado, basic botany and plant ID, herbs for specific body systems, adaptogens, methods for making common herbal products and more! (Coming Soon)