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Class Details

Class Details

Educate the Mind. Relax the Body.Free the Spirit.

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own soul.”

Fort Collins Yoga -Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and more

Sacred Owl Wellness has many yoga classes to choose from in our Fort Collins yoga studio. We offer traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Svaroopa, Kriya and Yin style yoga classes known for holding poses (asana), as well as up-beat, cardio and strength building yoga classes.

Traditional & Restorative Yoga Classes

Kriya Yoga with Meditation & Sound Healing
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Mike Redhawk
Kriya Yoga utilizes meditative breath work and posture to direct your life energy around the six spinal centers, which correlate with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. This safe, guided practice of vinyasa and hatha yoga is accompanied with Sound Healing through acoustic instruments (including didgeridoo, singing bowls and handspan) to help you reach deep awareness within your physical, emotional and spiritual self. >BOOK NOW

Restorative Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Mike Redhawk

This Fort Collins Yoga class begins with pranayama Bioluminescent Balancing of the mind, body and spirit through a loving hatha flow of conscious intention. An open and compassionate space is created by organically following the breath, guided movement, and encouraging verbal communication from each student. This restorative yoga class blends strengthening asana, meditation techniques during savasana (including visual journeying), and sound meditation with singing bowl, handpan and didgeridoo. >BOOK NOW

Vinyasa Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Varies
In this traditional style of yoga, you will flow through poses with breath and intention. Treat your body with deep and relaxing stretches and find your zen! >BOOK NOW

Zhēn Jiǔ Yoga
Instructor: Andrea Brogdon L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl. Ac., BA, RYT200
Zhēn Jiǔ is Chinese pinyin for acupuncture and moxibustion. Zhēn Jiǔ Yoga is the union of two healing practices, the age old practice of yoga and the ancient wisdom of Chinese acupuncture. In this 1.5 hour long class you will be guided through a meditative yoga practice geared toward balancing the body and preparing it to receive acupuncture. As students transition into Savasana Andrea will begin listening to pulses and administering treatment customized to what is revealed in student’s pulses. Through intention, meditation and movement we create the space to spark healing of mind, body and soul. Join us as we dive blissfully into relaxation and leave feeling balanced and grounded.>BOOK NOW

Svaroopa Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Jane Fine
Based on a significantly different paradigm in yoga poses, this practice is both physical and more than physical. We specialize in “core opening,” spinal decompression, through releasing the tensions in the layers of muscles wrapped around your spine. Svaroopa® yoga has a healing effect on all levels of your being: body, mind, and more. The teacher provides a customized yoga — one-on-one support in every class, to give every student a whole new capacity for movement, breath and aliveness. Experience a style unlike any other and steep in the pure bliss that Svaroopa® yoga delivers. >BOOK NOW

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Meditation & Breathwork

Join us for revitalizing guided meditation in our beautiful Fort Collins studio. We offer a variety of monthly breathwork and meditation classes inspired by the moon cycles, numerology, chakra balancing and more! These classes Meditation or Breathwork classes may include light yoga, sound activation and Reiki.

Breathwork – Breakthrough Experience
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructors: Samantha Rines O’Dell, Energy Healer and Breath of Love Facilitator
Breath of Love sessions include gentle hands-on work based on biodynamic therapy, somatic experiencing, guided meditation and energy healing modalities. All designed to help you get to the bottom of the beliefs and emotions that stand in the way to your ease, success and abundance in life. This work changes the way your nervous system functions, and the way your body is able to move into parasympathetic (‘you are safe, rest and relax’) quickly and easily. It creates new neuro-pathways where the new found state of ease, inner peace and clarity can become your every day living and breathing reality. >BOOK NOW

Moon Series
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructors: Varies
Our Moon Series classes occur every month at differnt cycles of the Full Moon and New Moon. The Moon celebration may include a rejuvenating combination of light yoga, reiki, breathwork and meditation to bring the mind and body together. The New Moon is a time to plant seeds into your life in creating your own garden of dreams, goals and desires. The Full Moon brings about manifestation of, or progress toward our goals. >BOOK NOW

Reiki Workshops
(Offering Levels I, II and Master)
Instructor: Emily ‘Rainflower’ Rodriguez
Reiki is a hands-on and hands-off energy healing practice that brings the body into balance and addresses physical, emotional and spiritual issues that may hinder the healing process. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki for themselves and to benefit others, and our Reiki classes prepare all people from any background to practice this healing art. Reiki classes are offered Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master. >BOOK NOW

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Movement, Dance & Flow Arts

At Sacred Owl Studio we take things a bit further in offering many types of unique classes in Fort Collins from Traditional Thai Chi and Bellydancing to Poi spinning and more.

Tai Chi
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructor: Min Fan
Learn Tai Chi with Min Fan, a long time practitioner of Tai chi, the traditional Chinese system of mind and body training with tremendous health benefits. She has studied with many Taichi masters in China and US and taught at the local Chinese school, the Fort Collins Club, and the Recreator in the past. Min is happy to share her love of Taichi and the heading power of this art with the northern Colorado community.. >BOOK NOW

Poi/Flow Arts
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructor:Laura Shiels (aka Laura Firefly); Troupe leader of the Fort Collins fire dancers Scintillating Fire Circus
Learn to spin poi with performance artist Laura Shiels! Poi is a flow art originated by the Maori people in New Zealand, where you swing tethered balls through a variety of rhythmic patterns, popularized by the art of fire spinning. Great exercise for the body and the brain, this beginners’ class will cover basic moves and enough tricks and transitions to impress all your friends. >BOOK NOW

Belly Dancing – Tribal Style
(all ages and levels welcome)
 Heather Longino, Belly Dance Instructor and Director of the Bohemian Caravan Dance Company, a troupe based in the Fort Collins bellydancing community.
Improvisational tribal style is a form of belly dance based on a shared vocabulary of movements and cues. Each class will focus on the foundations of ITS including posture, basic percussive and melodic movements as well as group dynamics. There will be focus on movements like hip ups and drops, twists, and shimmies, and how to perform clean, sharp movements with grace and attitude.  Learn Arabic family of steps, elegant isolations, and turns that will beautifully interpret slower music selections. >BOOK NOW

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Fort Collins Wellness Workshops

We offer a variety of classes in our Holistic Health and Wellness Studio, including but not limited to Herbal Education, Essential Oil Education and Safety, Aromatherapy classes, Nutritional classes bringing together our Wellness Practitioner discussions and more!

Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Classes
Instructor: Samantha O’Dell (Certified Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Esthetician)
One Wednesdays per month: 6:30-8:30 pm
Learn about safe use of essential oils, understanding contraindications, essential oil use for kids, essential oils for health, essential oils for hormones and aromatherapy for emotional support. Also join us to learn methods for making your own essential oil products, DIY classes and more!

Herbal Medicine Classes
Instructor:Laura Shiels (Clinical Herbalist)
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm (last class for 2019 is on 11/20)
In this Fort Collins herbal medicine class, learn about safe use of common herbs, understanding contraindications, wildcrafting ethics, herbs you can wildcraft and grow yourself in Colorado, basic botany and plant ID, herbs for specific body systems, adaptogens, methods for making common herbal products and more!

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