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Class Details

Class Details

Educate the Mind. Relax the Body.Free the Spirit.

“Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own soul.”

Fort Collins Yoga -Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and more

Sacred Owl Wellness has many yoga classes to choose from in our Fort Collins yoga studio. We offer traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin style yoga classes known for holding poses (asana), as well as up-beat, cardio and strength building yoga classes.

Traditional & Restorative Yoga Classes

Kriya Yoga with Meditation & Sound Healing
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Mike Redhawk
Kriya Yoga utilizes meditative breath work and posture to direct your life energy around the six spinal centers, which correlate with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. This safe, guided practice of vinyasa and hatha yoga is accompanied with Sound Healing through acoustic instruments (including didgeridoo, singing bowls and handspan) to help you reach deep awareness within your physical, emotional and spiritual self. >BOOK NOW

Restorative Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Mike Redhawk

This Fort Collins Yoga class begins with pranayama Bioluminescent Balancing of the mind, body and spirit through a loving hatha flow of conscious intention. An open and compassionate space is created by organically following the breath, guided movement, and encouraging verbal communication from each student. This restorative yoga class blends strengthening asana, meditation techniques during savasana (including visual journeying), and sound meditation with singing bowl, handpan and didgeridoo. >BOOK NOW

Vinyasa Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Yoga Peregrina
In this traditional style of yoga, you will flow through poses with breath and intention. Treat your body with deep and relaxing stretches and find your zen! >BOOK NOW

Svaroopa Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Jane Fine
Update class details. >BOOK NOW

Cardio & Strengthening Yoga Classes:

Buti Yoga
(all levels welcome)
Instructor: Yoga Peregrina
Buti yoga is a cardio-intensive yoga class that combines traditional asana, tribal dance and plyometrics to help you sweat with intention. Buti is an Indian Marathi word meaning “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” This powerful blend of yoga, trible dance, and conditioning will help you transform inside and out. >BOOK NOW

Arm Balance Yoga
(some yoga experience recommended)
Instructor: Hanna Wilder-Romero
Arm balance yoga will help you develop the strength, stability and focus needed to perform arm balance positions. This yoga class is for people looking to add more inversions and advanced transitions to their everyday yoga practice such as arm stands, Crow Pose, Side Crow and more. Strengthen your body, build better balance, and move past fear with Arm Balance Yoga! >BOOK NOW

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Meditation Classes

Join us for revitalizing guided meditation in our beautiful Fort Collins studio. We offer a variety of monthly meditation classes inspired by the moon cycles, numerology, chakra balancing the sacred owl and more! Meditation classes may include light yoga, sound activation and Reiki.

Moon Series
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructors: Mike ‘Redhawk’ Rodriguez & Emily ‘Rainflower’ Rodriguez
Our Moon Series Meditation classes occur every month at the Full Moon and New Moon. The Full Moon Meditation is a rejuvenating combination of light yoga with gassho reiki meditation to bring the mind and body together. The New Moon is a time to plant seeds into your life in creating your own garden of dreams, goals and desires. >BOOK NOW

Reiki Workshops
(Offering Levels I, II and Master)
Instructor: Emily ‘Rainflower’ Rodriguez
Reiki is a hands-on and hands-off energy healing practice that brings the body into balance and addresses physical, emotional and spiritual issues that may hinder the healing process. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki for themselves and to benefit others, and our Reiki classes prepare all people from any background to practice this healing art. Reiki classes are offered Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master. >BOOK NOW

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Movement, Dance & Flow Arts

At Sacred Owl Studio we take things a bit further in offering many types of classes from Traditional Bellydancing,  Poi spinning, Ecstatic dance and more.

Poi/Flow Arts
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructor:Laura Shiels (aka Laura Firefly); Troupe leader of the Fort Collins fire dancers Scintillating Fire Circus
Learn to spin poi with performance artist Laura Shiels! Poi is a flow art originated by the Maori people in New Zealand, where you swing tethered balls through a variety of rhythmic patterns, popularized by the art of fire spinning. Great exercise for the body and the brain, this beginners’ class will cover basic moves and enough tricks and transitions to impress all your friends. >BOOK NOW

Belly Dancing – Tribal Style
(all ages and levels welcome)
 Heather Longino, Belly Dance Instructor and Director of the Bohemian Caravan Dance Company, a troupe based in the Fort Collins bellydancing community.
Improvisational tribal style is a form of belly dance based on a shared vocabulary of movements and cues. Each class will focus on the foundations of ITS including posture, basic percussive and melodic movements as well as group dynamics. There will be focus on movements like hip ups and drops, twists, and shimmies, and how to perform clean, sharp movements with grace and attitude.  Learn Arabic family of steps, elegant isolations, and turns that will beautifully interpret slower music selections. >BOOK NOW

Ecstatic Dance
(all ages and levels welcome)
Instructor: Molly Aronson
Ecstatic Movement Medicine is a free form dance. We begin with a short silent meditation, then personal awareness time where students can stretch and intuitively warm up. As the music builds the space opens to Ecstatic Dance. This is a conversation free zone to get in alignment with your child-like self and express authentically however that looks. We end with Savasana and a closing circle where anyone can share their experience. >BOOK NOW

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Fort Collins Wellness Workshops

We offer a variety of classes in our Holistic Health and Wellness Studio, including but not limited to herbal education, essential oil safety and Aromatherapy classes, nutritional classes and more!

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Herbal Medicine Classes – Fall 2019 Semester
Instructor:Laura Shiels (Clinical Herbalist)
Sept 4 -Dec 4, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm (no class 11/27).
13 classes total, 28 hours toward continuing education or Clinical Herbalist recognition.

Learn about safe use of common herbs, understanding contraindications, wildcrafting ethics, herbs you can wildcraft and grow yourself in Colorado, basic botany and plant ID, herbs for specific body systems, adaptogens, methods for making common herbal products and more!
This will be a good overview of herbalism and is appropriate for beginner and intermediate-level herbalists. The class will be tailored in many ways to interests of the students who enroll. There will be follow-up courses and other opportunities with Laura for students who wish to continue developing herbalism skills and knowledge after the culmination of the course. This class is also appropriate and recommended for those who have already taken Herbology courses with Laura at Front Range Community College.

Preliminary Topic Outline (subject to change based on interests of students and opportunities that arise):
Week 1) Introduction, overview and exploration of herbalism and the major themes of the class.
Week 2) Botany and plant ID for the herbalist.
Week 3) Wildcrafting ethics and some example plants you can wildcraft in Northern CO.
Week 4) Part 1: Uses of herbs you can wildcraft and grow in N. CO with preservation, preparation methods and recipes.
Week 5) Part 2: Uses of herbs you can wildcraft and grow in N. CO with preservation, preparation methods and recipes.
Week 6) Part 3: Uses of herbs you can wildcraft and grow in N. CO with preservation, preparation methods and recipes.
Week 7) Adaptogenic herbs.
Week 8) Adaptogenic herbs and sample formulations.
Week 9) Synergy and the art of formulating with multiple herbs.
Week 10) Herbs for the digestive system.
Week 11) Herbs for the nervous system.
Week 12) Herbs for the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems.
Week 13) Proper dosages of herb products, the food-herb-medicine-poison continuum, considerations and recipes for cooking with herbs and wild plants.
Week 14) Last class: herbal potluck and discussion.

Only $350 total if you pre-register now for the series!
Or $35 for an Individual Class

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