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Our Clinically Certified and NAHA recognized Aromatherapist will assist you in your essential oil and aromatherapy needs. Samantha has worked with clients for many years in wellness consultations and aromatherapy in Fort Collins. She has taught numerous classes on using aromatherapy for everyday needs and how to prevent future issues from arising. She has also taught many safety classes on essential oil safety in Fort Collins as well as developed renowned services and protocols using essential oil products. Her passion shows when she is guiding her clients to achieve their best selves and relief from many common ailments. Samantha has worked with Doctors and her clients to develop individualized routines, ensuring a safe course of action for each person.

Aromatherapy Wellness Consultation & Blend

Via phone or in person. Our Certified and NAHA recognized Aromatherapist at Sacred Owl Wellness in Fort Collins will work with each individual to develop a natural and holistic strategy to support and promote health and well-being. New client appointments for customized aromatherapy services will begin with a health history intake and personal discussion of wellness goals, part of the consultation includes a written wellness report of the recommendations made and a sample customized blend.

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Aromatherapy Treatments

At Sacred Owl Holistic Spa we use 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA essential oils and doTERRA Spa and skin care product lines. Each service will be customized using different essential oils to meet your health and wellness needs.

AromaYou dōTERRA Facial
AromaJourney dōTERRA Face & Body 
dōTERRA AromaTouch Technique

Aromatherapy Products

Schedule a Complementary Product Consultation to learn about the wonderful products we carry including our own specially developed all-natural line and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA Essential Oils, Products and Supplements available at our convenient Fort Collins location.

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Aromatherapy FAQ

“Essential oils are very potent when using a pure medical grade line and can be dangerous if they are not used appropriately. I find it best practice to always talk with a professional that is certified in knowing the constituents and possible interactions to other supplements or medications that a person may be on before using essential oils. It is my passion to help clients find what works best for them ensuring their safety and their health.” ~ Samantha Rines O’Dell CCAP, IHP, LE


Client must complete a consult prior to some Aromatherapy Services. Consults can be done same day/time. If there is suspect of an allergy, then a patch test may be necessary and would need 24 hours.
Any products and methods used by Sacred Owl Wellness and its providers are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. NOR are these services intended to replace proper medical advice. Some Doctors will work with Certified Aromatherapist and other Holistic Health Practitioners. Please always know who you are getting your advice from and check the credentials of each individual.