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The Owl & Maple Leaf
“Our goal is to provide a comforting yet stimulating atmosphere in which you will be able to relax both your body and mind, reconnecting your daily life to its higher purpose.”

The Owl represents sacred knowledge, wisdom, intuition, good fortune, protection and great self-esteem. Being connected with the moon and its cycles, Owls represent new life cycles. They bring clarity, visions of the future, and a strong connection with the mystical world. Native American culture believes the Owl spirit is related to a deep connection with your wisdom and intuition, it calls on us to release the past and put down burdens that hold us back; to face your fears and move beyond them, reminding us to remain true to ourselves, our voice and our vision. Just as the Owl sits quietly and patiently on a tree limb, it reminds us to stay open and more observant, to slow down and not let life be so busy that we miss out on the opportunities that may pass by.

The Maple Tree represents love, longevity, success, abundance, strength and endurance. Native American culture recognizes the maple leaf as a symbol of offering, generosity, balance, promise and practicality. Maple sap was often considered a gift from the Creator. Important to Native peoples, the Rocky Mountain maple is considered one of the sacred Life Medicines of the Navajo tribe.

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