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Sacred Owl Wellness is an Integrative Holistic Health Spa and Wellness studio in Fort Collins that offers cutting-edge services, innovative and industry leading treatments and experienced specialists to bring all your health and wellness services under one roof. We are a team of Integrated and Holistic Practitioners offering a variety of wellness services including holistic skin care, massage therapy, couples massage, day at the spa, holistic nutrition, herbal wellness and Holistic Doctor as well as group yoga, meditation classes educational classes and more. Our goal at Sacred Owl Health Spa and Studio is to provide the Northern Colorado community with a comforting, yet stimulating, atmosphere in which customers will be able to relax both their body and mind, reconnecting their daily lives to their higher purpose. At our holistic health center in Fort Collins, we believe that a client is not just a collection of body systems, but a whole being and true wellness can only begin when you care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

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Spa & Clinical Services

Whether you are looking for relaxation or for a more clinical approach to enhance your skin, slow the aging process, or improve scaring or pigmentation, each of our licensed estheticians will work with you and your skin for the best results. Come to our Holistic Day Spa in Fort Collins and experience one of our unique facial services today. Live the beautiful life inside and out.

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Health & Wellness

Do you have life goals you want to achieve? Do you want to live a healthier and less stressful life? You can enhance your lifestyle with tools you need to succeed. Whether it is learning about natural remedies with herbs to nutrition, work life balance, stress management or self-care, Sacred Owl Wellness is here to help. Our Holistic Wellness Center offers health and wellness coaching, herbal wellness, aromatherapy and more all in our beautiful Fort Collins location.

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Our certified and NAHA recognized Aromatherapist will work with each individual in developing a natural and holistic strategy to support and promote health and well-being. We use high-grade, organic essential oils and customize blends to support your specific needs. We also have our fully certified services with dōTERRA essential oils, spa facials and dōTERRA AromaTouch in Fort Collins.

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Energy Healing

When matter and energy work in connection with each other, we will find balance. Our non-invasive hands-on on techniques will aid in clearing the mind, energizing the soul and balancing the body, placing the client in a position to self-heal. Choose from the many energy-healing services Sacred Owl Wellness has to offer including Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Healing Touch™ and Jin Shin.


Massage is a wonderful way to keep your body working, relax your mind and relieve stress. Whether you are suffering from body aches, muscle tightness or chronic pain, our talented massage therapists in Fort Collins will lead you on the path to better health and well-being. Visit our Holistic Fort Collins Day Spa and choose from many rejuvenating massage services like Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage, Prenatal Massage, PNF Massage,  Deep Tissue Massage,  and Couples Massage.

Studio Classes and Workshops

Sacred Owl Wellness offers many different Studio Workshops and Classes including Poi Dancing, Guided Meditation, Yoga, Educational Workshops and more at our Fort Collins Health Spa and Studio. Some of our expert Yoga Teachers, Thai Instructor and/or Clinical Herbalist lead small group classes at affordable prices. Book online today and reserve your spot on the path to well being and enlightenment.

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“I had a facial at Sacred Owl and my skin has never looked so great! I left feeling and looking younger than I have in years!” – Jill M.

Sacred Owl Wellness is an Integrative Health Spa, Studio and Wellness Center in Fort Collins that brings all your health and wellness services under one roof. We are a team of Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioners, Holistic Nutritionists, Clinical Herbalists, Licensed Estheticians, Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors offering a wide variety of wellness services including spa services, health and wellness services, clinical treatments, aromatherapy, herbal wellness, body and energy healing modalities massage, yoga and more to Northern Colorado.